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The Perato Principle Principle

My grand theory on the Pareto Principle; let's call it the Pareto Principle Principle, is that 80% of the people that tell you about the vitally important Pareto Principle have not applied it to their life or work. 

The 20% who have are most likely experiencing 80% of the world’s success. 

We recently applied the Konmarie tidying principle to our home lives & let me tell you- it was a thrill ride. I love tidying just as much as the next man but this was something else. 

The overriding concept is that you must get rid of anything that does not spark joy in you when you come in to contact with it. I followed it to the letter. 

Clothing wise I ended up with just one t-shirt. What followed was a tough week but the weeks that followed that first week (I bulk ordered joy bringing t-shirts & socks) have been joy-filled. It worked. My life is now considerably more joyful then it was before.

But I only want to spend 20% of this article talking about the Konmarie method. The other 80% I must devote to something else.

The Pareto principle is simple. I am sure you know this already because 80% of all people I have ever met have mentioned it to me at one point or another. It basically states that you must spend time looking at the 20% of your activity that brings you 80% of your output/results.

So named because someone called Pareto made it up. 

Now I had one hell of a productive year in 2017 let me say. I made many videos, songs, appeared in plays & a movie & pretty much killed myself while doing it. I held down & expanded upon a fantastic job at a creative agency & I love that job dearly. It was a great year but as we begin a new one I can’t help but feel pre-exhausted at all the new work that is to come. What if I was able to only do 20% of that work & still get 80% of the results I had in 2017.

It is time to Pareto. The principle must be applied. Maybe I should sound a horn of some kind so that all the people who kept telling about this principle can sleep better. ‘He is finally applying the principle’ they will say. ‘We can rest well tonight for the principle has been applied’. 

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