fk your 10k hours

I hate the ten thousand hour rule. It’s a holding pattern. It’s just another way to hide. You can say you need 10k hours before you become a master but those hours must be happening in ever increasing levels of intensity and pressure for them to be effective. Without progress you are just circling the prey. 

You need to get involved in your chosen industry or craft or profession ASAP. Not after 100 hours or 5000 but as soon as possible. You are worthy enough now. The 10k rule came into being as a rule of thumb for people who have already achieved all you could ever want to. It’s not an amount of time you have to put in before you are worthy of beginning. 

You’d do as well to forget it entirely. Work, create opportunities for higher levels of work and work on your craft but forget this useless rule. At some point in your life and career, if you’ve been powered by passion, curiosity and the want to give and support others you’ll suddenly realise you’ve put in ten thousand hours. If at that point you see yourself as a master then that’s just too bad.