rain on the window = dancing in the clubs 

If I think about my love for dance music that love rapidly depletes. It makes no sense. You arrive places and stand and dance and other people are there. All of you smiling like goons or trying to act cool (also like goons). You can’t think through a situation like that and come out the other side with it making sense. 

I have to remind my self I used to lie in my bed at nine years old in the converted attic room I loved. My window facing directly out on to outer space. As I lay there I could spend child hours (minutes or maybe days in adult time) frozen in pure joy by the sound of the rain on the window. I didn’t wonder why. Why question it?

Thats what I go back to when, me, a DJ and someone who makes dance music from time to time questions what the FFFF I am doing. What is the point of making sounds in one place and sharing those sounds with others in different times and places. It seems a very long winded way to connect and be seen. 

Thats when I try and get back to not thinking. You don’t question the comfort you get from the sound of rain on the window, you don’t question why a sunset is pretty and you don’t question why hugs are nice. They just are. I can think my self out of liking any thing by saying it doesn’t make intellectual sense but it doesn’t leave me any better off.