Keep Going:- 10 ways to stay creative in good times and bad by Austin Kleon (2019)

Austin Kleon says he writes the books he needs to read. A beautiful way of going about things. Make the things you need for yourself and then seeing who else they resonate with.

I have bought his first book for at least 8 friends. Maybe more. Kleon never uses a word or an image that isn’t absolutely necessary. He is a fantastic editor. His illustrations are pared back and he works by collecting and then subtracting. This is exhibited in his visual art. He is a specialist in a form of poetry and art making called Blackout. He takes pieces of newspaper and blacks out all the words he doesn’t need. 

His blog and his newsletter were inspirations for this blog as was his book, Show Your Work. Although it has taken my years to apply the message. You don’t see a lot of people being as open as Kleon with their process. He is extremely generous. Seeing and reading his work gives me confidence and energy. Too often you will read a book that is full of wisdom on how you should approach life but the only achievement of the author is to write the book. Kleon is constantly creating and the books are perfectly edited collections of what he has learned along the way.