my take on things

Up until now this blog involves me going about my thought patterns and every now and again stopping to type some of them out into the notes app on my iPhone. Ralph Waldo Emerson eat your heart out. I’m kidding Ralph. It was a joke. No, Ralph, what are you doing? Stop! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Naturally I am plagued with the constant wholly founded belief that what I’m saying is neither interesting nor useful. Yesterday I was listening to the Armchair Expert interview with Hassan Minhaj and he talked about something he learned during his Daily Show days. Essentially the host Dax Sheppard asked him if there was a ‘secret sauce’ recipe he took away from working at that show. No doubt he wanted to get some idea of why so many successful writer performers come out of there (or he just likes secrets). 

Minhaj stated very clearly what it was (making it no longer secret - it’s just sauce now). He said that ‘your take on any given subject is more important than the jokes’. This resonated with me, someone who is learning to write non fiction and develop a stronger belief in the value of my own subjective experience. So if you need me I’ll just be typing my take on things into this notes app and will keep doing so until it’s completely full. Get ready to be crushed under the weight of my takes.