head versus heart

The standard dance music production approach is similar to the accepted film making process. Art and feeling have to be crowbarred back in. They’re not always exactly made to feel welcome. 

It’s all been done so many times that people have conned themselves it to thinking they’ve found a way that ‘works’. That’s not art. It’s craft and that’s fun but unless you’re connecting to feeling there’s not going to be any heart. Your viewers and listeners spend enough time in their heads and are you looking to you for a way out. 

A useful practise while making music is to check back in with yourself and see whether you are operating from the head or the heart. I do this because I’ll drift to ‘what’s right’ and what people have told me is the correct way of working when I get scared. Which is usually when I am outside of my comfort zone. 

Feeling will come through in the way you play. Not your knowledge of the notes or who built your synth. That stuff is fun too and maybe it helps. All that matters to the listener is feeling. Nothing else. Except maybe what clothes you wear. People have always been very interested in that. 

Another funny feeling about following your heart (or instinct) is that it’s coming from a deeper place. Places that are less effected by the goings on above sea level. Your deeper self will remain true regardless of fashion or technology or what people say. This will leave a thread running through all of your work that comes from that place. 

I think this is why David Lynch’s films work even though the ideas and scenes can seem on their surface so disparate. Somewhere deep down all of these moments are connected in Lynch’s subconscious and that resonates as truthful to the audience.