Zif’s law in relation to actor handsomeness

Brad Pitt is a great actor. He carries entire films time and again like it’s nothing. He can play subtlety like it’s an easy thing to do, make characters that should be absurd seem real (Inglorious Basterds) and is also capable of being hilarious which should be a scientific impossibility due to his extreme handsomeness. 

I went to a basketball academy. The one thing those guys couldn’t teach was height. So you’d get these huge types (6 foot 10 and above) turning up. Some of them had barely played before. Within six months they’d be pretty good. US colleges would fly over to see them.

My original theory was that our coaches were just more focused on these players and that’s why they got better faster. A possibility but that would have had a far smaller impact on their playing. They got better faster because it is extremely easy to pass the ball to a very tall long armed person. So much easier in fact that they would end up getting the ball so much more than anyone else.

If tall guy X played the same number of minutes on court as average height guy Y (average height on our team was 6 foot 3) he would have come in to contact with the ball maybe twice as much. Meaning he would get better maybe twice as fast. 

My theory is the same thing happened with Brad Pitt and acting. If looks we’re height BP would nineteen foot thirteen. He had the ball passed to him so many times so early that he benefited from Zif’s law. Eighty per cent of the wealth and opportunity goes to twenty per cent of the people. 

There was a clickbait ad to the bottom of an article I read once. It said something like ‘these actors didn’t go to drama school’. I looked through the slideshow. Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie etc etc. The key takeaway for budding actors was - be good looking.