Narcissist sociopaths scam artist, especially the ones that don’t kill people, are my favourite type. Not to have in my life (or anywhere near me for that matter) but to read and watch endless documentaries about. 

My current favourites (in order) are that of the Elizabeth Holmes of the Theranos company, all the NXIVM twerps and fake German heiress, Anna Delvey. All terrible people who think they’re amazing. The more dynamic the mental gymnastics they require to justify their actions the better. 

I have begun to harbour guilt about watching any of the eight hundred thousand Netflix serial killer documentaries. They‘ve reached full pornification. The Ted Bundy Confession tapes documentary tipped the balance. Giving three, sometimes four, full seconds to the victims before going back to talking about how ‘very intelligent’ the killer was.

But scandals! Not one single person felt bad for any of the seven separate bros wearing checkered blue Polos in the Fyre Fest doc. That’s why I’m switching from serial killers sociopaths to scam artist sociopaths in 2019 and you should too.