does airBnB do prison cells?

There’s an old writers joke that I can only half remember - “I’ve got a deadline this Friday so my apartment is very clean”.

Since I started writing from home everyday my laundry has become military in its execution. I do the dishes seven times a day. I’m finding things to list on eBay constantly. All of these things are more attractive to me as soon as I come close to sitting down to write.

One of my fantasies is to have constant access to a box room with nothing in it other than a word processor (no internet access). The room has a timed lock. Aside from the computer it’s a prison cell. I’d be totally into the idea of prison as long as I could leave at 2pm each day.

I’d go in at 9am and the lock would not let me out until either 2pm or until I’d finished.... let’s sayyyyy.... ten pages of a screenplay. I’m looking into hot desks. What I really need is a panic room.