Bo Burnham released his comedy special ‘what’ at age 22. I’m coming to terms with the fact that there are young people who are better than me at things. It’s not been an easy.

Burnham seemed to have such fully formed opinions for such a young aged man. He is scathing about religion, pop music, racism and just about everything else he talks about. It’s intimidating because at 35 years old I no longer hold any strong opinions.

Every opinion I’ve ever held has eventually been proven wrong or not entirely right. I’ll be going about my days believing something and it’ll hit me that I’m an idiot know nothing and I have to drop yet another belief. I have very few left.

Alain De Botton has said (roughly) that if we never feel embarrassed by our past selves we are not achieving any self awareness. I’m now so embarrassed about even my most harmless of past beliefs that I daren’t hold any today. If I do I have to add a disclaimer that ‘I know nothing and I’m probably wrong and I’ll probably change my mind soon’. It really weakens any stance you might take in a debate.

Certain presidential narcissists are not hindered by this trait. Life itself is so unpredictable that people flock to those ignorant enough to be sure.

After setting myself the task of writing some blab for this blog everyday I’ve found that it’s quite hard to write opinion when you don’t hold any opinions.

During his H3 podcast interview Burnham (now approx 28/29) speaks about his embarrassment at the opinions he held during the making of ‘what’. He has mellowed and takes an each to their own view with regards to religion for example. The fear is that as an artist if you don’t believe anything you end up with nothing to say.