In his interview with Marc Maron actor Jon Bernthal talks about the need to have a vision in your mind of what true excellence is whatever you are trying to do. I don’t really believe too much in rating how ‘well’ you are doing in relation to others but I do think that looking to the best stuff you can for guidance is helpful. Even if it means you could spend a lifetime trying to match up. The point being you can’t let the scene or group you are in or adjacent to but what you consider the standard of work you will be happy with. You need a much more inspiring vision in your mind and you aim for that. You may be lucky and be a part of some cosmically divine scene like CBGBs, early Canadian Second City or my Nana’s church coffee morning circle. Maybe, but probably not! What drives people to push for a crazy level of quality in their work? My best guess is vengeance.