my anxiety was a meme 

My self diagnoses are always on trend. If I am feeling any vague sense of malaise coming on and at the same time Lyme’s disease, just for example, is having a moment I’m going to start thinking I have Lyme’s disease. I won’t even Google what it is or why they’re spelling Lime wrong. I will just decide that that’s my life now. I think that’s how I caught anxiety in 2015. I was primed by everyone talking about it and all the memes. I decided whatever sense of disconnection and unhappiness I was feeling must be anxiety. The revelation itself gave me anxiety so it had to be true. Anxiety and introversion became somewhere between meme and fashionable. It became cool to proclaim yourself introverted in a world that become too fucking much all the time. My anxiety, whether it was real or imagined or a bit of both, carried on for several years and only recently have I got a handle on it. For the first two years of living in Berlin for example I felt seriously anxious. Sometimes my heart would pound and I would break out into cold sweats. I was sure everyone around me was just as anxious and they were just hiding it better. It turned out I just needed to chill on the coffee.