hardware vs software

If only there was a way you could buy life lessons off the shelf so you could skip learning them yourself. Electronic music is full of contrarians. So naturally there’s been an obsession with hardware instruments since the advent of software instruments. But they’re really not for everyone. For some it’s ends more of a pointless chore requiring constant laborious maintenance and the non stop purchase of connector widgets. 

Right now we have everything out on our balcony for dusting. Dusting shouldn’t be a part of your creative process but somehow it’s become a big part of ours. You don’t know if a hardware set up is for you until you try it but it’s an expensive experiment.


This past year we got ourself a big studio with the hope of exploring a midi/synth hardware set up. I had all these dreams of creating a musical machine. The dream was to try creating a baby version of what Minilogue did in their legendary Resident Advisor studio videos.

It wasn’t until I tried it that I realised it just wasn’t me. I’m not a technical person or someone who is particularly interested engineering or systems. I really just like little ideas. Getting them down fast and often and then choosing the best of them. Then I work on expanding those out with other people who can do things I can’t (like play instruments for example). 

Right now I’m in the process of selling a lot of the stuff we invested in for that studio experiment. I wish I could click my fingers and all of it could just to be sorted. The only problem with that is that I might not learn the lesson. If I could do that I’d probably forget this whole thing. Within months I’d be looking for another a bigger, cooler new studio.