meaning tailspin

When life gets a little tougher (like it has for every person living in London that makes less than 40kpa) it’s natural that as a creative freelancer you’ll have to start thinking a little more strategically about where you can bring in money. If this has to happen fast it can send you into a bit of a ‘meaning’ tailspin. 

The focus will be on attaining, whether it be clients, paid invoices or money from Peter to pay Paul. All very short term. The immediate effect is you lose sight not only of how you make money (by doing things for others) and start thinking about how you can get people to do what you want. As a creative this is DEATH. Soon your gears will start grinding. Everything will come to a stop. 

On the face of it it seems like it makes sense. I need money so I need to get people to give me money but money is a symptom. If you’re a graphic designer for example, you don’t get money directly. You build a reputation and relationships. These lead to jobs which in turn you’re paid for. 

So that struggling graphic designer should really be focused on reputation and relationships. The only way to build on either of these is through helping others. 

Which is why being under financial stress is such a downward spiral. It takes immense strength to build positive relationships when you’re worried about paying the rent. Your brain is focused on what you want when all meaning and meaningful success comes through acts of service.