outcome or output

One change I made in my life helps keeps me sane. It’s when I shifted from being outcome oriented to output oriented. My goals were all to do with who I could get to pick me or see me as special. It wasn’t built on anything of value. 

I was just climbing little ladders. After a while I’d realise I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I’d go back down that ladder and find another one. At best it was one big process of elimination. Every time I’d achieve a goal or get an opportunity I’d find myself feeling quite empty. 

I’m not sure when or why I changed my mind but a few years back I had moved to Berlin and there wasn’t really anything I could achieve here through playing the angles. I decided instead I’d just choose a few things I wanted to create (films, music, shows) and then assign a realistic but challenging number and I’d spend all year just trying to make that many. 

It helped. It shifted my thinking away from the idea of success or making the perfect thing and instead I focused on the process.