where are all the inventors?

The tech world chases its tail. It’s mostly a false economy going through a prolonged gold rush. We use digital products each day but a microscopic fraction of those that are developed or attempted actually make it into human hands. 

The design process of prototyping, iteration and user testing is team based so a lot of interesting discovery gets missed. Naturally you’re trying to impress each other and your boss so you miss the little clues that lead to discovery. Most design teams are just attempting to re-do what successful companies have done before. Turning potential inventors and craftspeople into photocopy machines. 

If you’re not feeling some discomfort or fear you’re not pushing yourself. Inventors have to live in that uncomfortable space. The whole design process has taken the fear out of creating. Real inventors learn about the code, the chemicals, the electronics, wood, plastics, all of it - because deeper understanding leads to discovery of interesting links. The stuff other people not as deep into the problem would not have seen.