stuff addiction

I am a terrible judge of what stuff I need. I am also an expert on justifying the purchasing of stuff I don’t need but I don’t hoard.

I pride myself on clear outs.  It doesn’t make up for all the stuff I pointlessly buy. I am just an idiot hamster man on my own endless wheel of purchasing and clearing out. 

A part of my stuff addiction was caused by slowly down how much I was DJing. I think my record collecting was a huge blob of spending that enveloped my stuff addiction by not allowing it to step out into the spotlight. 

Now I am not buying pure party bangers for seventeen different types of gig I buy cables and widgets I don’t need instead. Partly driven by Amazon which is as addictive as Instagram/crack. These websites are cleverer than us. 

Whatever a person is preaching it’s likely they became evangelical because they needed it. Any hippy preaching love probably had a lot hate at one time. Everyone is over compensating. I am becoming religious about minimalism. 

The same way we dreamt up aliens as grey bodied bulb heads we imagined AI to be like the terminator. It’s not. It’s here, its ruling over us and it doesn’t have a body. It just exists in algorithm form instead. Humans are now no longer the ruling race of Earth. Lines of code rule over us. That is why we all need minimalism.

I hope that last paragraph sounded evangelical enough.