New stuff

I was record shopping and saw a record I’ve wanted for a while. And I didn’t buy it. Crazy. I was overcome with an idea. It’s time to start focusing on the future in my work and DJ sets and move on from my study of/obsession with the past.

When I first started I played was minimal techno. I was terrible and that stuff was easy to mix. Eventually I had to move on. I needed more smiles and joy in the music.

A friend told me last Saturday that no more Disco will ever be made. Until that point I had honestly never processed that fact. All of a sudden it just clicked that it’s time to start digging into what’s new and reengaging with that. Not just with DJing but with all types of art.

There is a comfort in the past. The quality control has already been done for you. You can just dig away at it at a leisurely pace and find great things. Now I want to point that energy towards to supporting current artists instead.