Your ‘content’ (bluurrrggghhh) strategy

You do not need to succumb to the imagined pressure to be a human IV drop of mini creation. If that doesn’t suit you as an artist or person then follow that instinct. These platforms won’t live forever, nothing ever does.

What you say no to is as important as what you say yes to and saying no to this potential piece of the puzzle is okay.

I feel like I have lost several years of personal development due to a mixture of time wasted on and confusion over how to approach social media an an artist, performer or whatever the hell I am or want to be.

That is time I cannot get back. I have had stretches of creating regular clips, videos and tweets etc but never any real momentum. Just spurts.

It doesn’t seem to suit me. I am much happier working on something for a while and getting it (not aiming for perfect) as good as I can get it with the resources available. I love that. That’s okay. Just because I don’t have a podcast or a daily vlog that runs alongside everything I do doesn’t make me a freakin’ loser. Just because I am not teaching others how to do the things I do doesn’t mean I am not doing the art life right in 2019.

No one really knows how to move through the world. Anyone telling you how to live is guessing too.