Escape hatches

I am not someone who needs an escape hatch from life. Sometimes I wonder if this is a clue that I am fact one of the people the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ is referring to. 

Due to being one of the oldest people in the millennial generation I have absolute no idea of what the future will hold and for that and a number of others reasons (such as being conditioned to think fame and success are the only ways to prove yourselves to the sun gods) I spend ALL of my time working. 

Every single second is either spent on the work, thinking about the work or pretending not to think about the work. Very occasionally and thankfully a lot less occasionally than it used to be I burn out. I am feeling some of the symptoms of the burn today. Tiredness and lethargy. 

I like coffee, typing and writing.  When I need an escape hatch from those things it’s music. If I need a break from music and the first three then I’m in trouble. I haven’t worked that one out really so I just wander my flat doing tiny chores. Bin a single piece of paper. Empty a single bin. Wash a single cup. From one to the other until they are all done. They are never all done.

I haven’t drank alcohol for a good long while. 12 weeks today. For so many people drinking is a fine way to drop off the edge but for me I’m always left clinging by the nails. Part of me is still the early twenties party promoter that has to keep his wits about him and be a good host. Not that I had many wits in my early twenties but the ones I did have I had to keep about me.