The message is the medium

Wanting to make things that are new means you may also likely possess some contrarian tendencies. Wherever most people are going there is a part of you that wants to just go the other way. This part of myself makes me kinda hate the crazy popular internet engines that we can use to share our art.

If everyone is using Youtube then a big part of me wants nothing to do with it. Thats a problem. These engines are the greatest connection machines ever invented. Even better than the printing press. Which is a pretty crazy thing to say and possibly wrong (books existed in their own context free of the many distractions we now experience (although disease and poverty can be very distracting too)).

Either way, right now I feel like my urge to turn my back on these mega platforms is a bad one. Probably just resistance. I should look to resolve this. No matter what I use to share things a part of me is going to always hate the power that technology has over my life.

I am fascinated by the modern day performer/entertainer/artists like Ethan and Hila Klein of H3 productions (my current obsession) or PewDiePie and wonder how they are going to be remembered in twenty years time. What will their contribution be. I can’t see them being seen as TV presenters. They are definitely breaking some sort of ground artistically. Even if their aesthetic owes a crazy amount to a certain comedy duo- Tim and Eric.

One thing that ties these ‘creators’ (the only word people seem comfortable calling them right now) is that they don’t make a thing and then also make videos about that thing. Their thing is the videos. They fully embrace the platform.

The songs they make, the games PewDiePie designs and releases etc are all secondary to their primary artwork- the Youtube videos themselves.

There is an element of this seen on Soundcloud. I have lost touch with the Soundcloud community as a whole but the people still making waves there (Soundcloud rappers for example) fully embrace the platform and its community and make that platform a main part of their considerations when making music.

Its ‘the medium is the message’ again but maybe this time it’s the flip. Marshall Macluhan spoke about how the medium used would invariably effect the message delivered. But now the message is being formed specifically to be successful on the chosen medium. Maybe that’s the exact same thing. I should really read the book.