If you can’t sell you can’t art

When I embrace my ability to sell I generally lead a happier life. More in connection with those around me that are doing things.

I have been so focused on finding my voice that for a long time I forgot to use it to sell the thought, feeling or opinion that voice is expressing.

If an exchange is tainted by the knowledge that you are being sold to the sales pitch itself often loses some of its effect. The artists who make themselves an exception to this rule can become some of the worlds most successful. Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst.

There is no shortage of bad, soulless art that has no attachment to money. Berlin streets are the best example of that. 99.9% of all graffiti. The need for money or for a way to present your art to a society of people that trade in money does not harm your art by itself. That’s just something we do if we try and please. It’s the pleasing that’s the problem not the money.

I want to sell more ideas, I want to sell more fun, I want to sell more units of what I make. Not to connect more or to have more of whatever thing or to be more successful- the only reason I want to do this is because when I do I make better stuff because I know the market will soon judge it.

i can say (from years of experience) that absolutely none of this matters when you’re trying to live life and make the things you want to make when you have ZERO cash! Early money is like yeast.